KHAKI ARMY USA is partnered with NAKED ARMY AUSTRALIA to design and produce historically and technically accurate collector military statues for the United States and Australian markets.  Our products are the work of a small team who aim to create impressive, accurate and enduring display pieces portraying the grit and determination of the rank-and-file.  Our work pays tribute to all who have served and their proud service.


KHAKI ARMY statues are bronze cold cast resin or ‘bonded bronze’.  Our statues will age and darken naturally with time, and can be carefully cleaned with a soft lint free cloth or warm water. DO NOT use abrasive cleaners or detergents.

Like any display item, KHAKI ARMY statues should be handled with care.  KHAKI ARMY statues often have small parts and can be damaged easily through mishandling.  As display pieces, they are recommended for ages 12+.

When unpacking our statues please take notice and be very careful unpacking and removing the statue from the box and foam packing material.  DO NOT remove the statue by pulling on the protective bag or removing by the body or head.  Lift out the statue by firmly holding the base or legs.